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In his bestselling book, Never Be Wrong Again, Michael Angelo Costa lays out a user-friendly, four-step process for making the right choice in any important decision, from the boardroom table to the kitchen table.

Now, Costa brings his wisdom and advice to live audiences in dynamic presentations that help audience members make optimal decisions that lead to more money, less stress, and greater success, both professionally and personally.

  • Consulting with Boards of Directors & Senior Executives
  • Management Training Seminars
  • Executive Coaching
  • Keynote and Panel Appearances

Empowering teams and individuals with a proven, successful process for decision making creates real results.

  • Solve the decision bottleneck to facilitate timely decisions
  • Improve team morale with a process everyone knows and trusts
  • Transform infighting into cohesive teams
  • Identify issues before they create costly problems
  • Increase performance by encouraging individuals to act

When there is a clear plan, people who are impacted by the decision but not part of the decision-making process, will trust and embrace the decision.

Most people and organizations do not have an actionable plan for decision making.


A plan determines HOW TO reach a goal. 




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Michael can tailor his presentation to offer guidance on any decision-making topic facing your audience or organization